About Us


Rose has been performing estate sales for 10 years now working with her In-Laws, Nick and Brenda Kozik of Kozik and Associates, LLC.  Now, the time has come to reverse the roles as Nick and Brenda have retired and turned the business over to Rose.  Why the change in name you ask?  Many felt that Kozik and Associates, LLC sounded too much like a law firm and that it had nothing to do with estate sales.  Armed with this information, Rose chose to change the name and start a new.  Estate Sales always seem to have that one treasure that each of us are looking for and just can't live without!  Having the backing of Nick and Brenda, and their many years experience, will help Rose to continue to provide the best in class service, best in class sales, and best in class customer service to both the homeowner and the buyer alike.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we will be glad to assist.