Frequently Asked Questions



What is needed to have an Estate Sale?

Many ask "what do I have to have in order to qualify for an estate sale?  Do I have to have high priced products?  Do I have to have antiques and such?"  The answer is no.  We work to assist homeowners in downsizing due to a death in the family or the need to move to a smaller location.  We are very sensitive in each situation as we know and understand it is a very difficult time in your life.  Seeing your belongings or the items of a loved one being sold can be very difficult.



Do I have to sell everything?

No.  During the contract phase, we will walk through the location with you and view what is to be sold and what the homeowner would like to keep.  Once complete, we will evaluate the items to be sold and determine if there is enough for a sale as well if the sale would be worth having.  Not everyone has items that would be deemed estate sale material and we will be up front and honest in explaining this.  



How do you advertise the sales?

One of the most important portions of an estate sale is to market it.  No matter how much you do to clean up the home, clean the items to sell, stage the items within, if there is no one there to buy it then we hae failed.  For this reason, we make sure that we take full advantage of all resources to advertise your sale.  From newspaper ads, internet estate sale websites, our own website, our Facebook page, flyers, etc., we will make sure the work gets out.  Along with this, because we have done this for so long, we have a large following that we make sure get the word via email to make sure they are in the loop no matter where they live.  This has proven very effective over the years.



What if I change my mind in the middle of the sale?

While this is not something that happens often, it is a possibility and one that is understood.  In these cases, we will charge for all time and expenses incurred from the start date in the contract, to the cancellation date, plus a penalty fee.  This makes sure that the efforts we have put into your sale are not for not. 



How are you compensated for the sale?

We charge a flat rate which is discussed at the time of the contract signing.  This fee includes everything: Advertising, travel, labor, meals, etc.  There are NO hidden fees as we feel this is the fairest way to work with our clients.